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Positioning is more than comfort, it’s therapeutic.


htmeq body pillow

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Full body pillow aligns your neck, head, hips, and back, eliminating the need for having multiple pillows. This pillow makes the perfect maternity / pregnancy pillow. Whether you’re hibernating, lounging around, nursing, or napping on the couch, our adjustable polyfill material forms to where you need support the most. It also doubles as a nursing pillow which is a freature moms love.

This pillow is not just for expecting mothers, it can be used to help position anyone that suffer from any pain. Its great to help relieve back, hip, and neck pain and we have male customers use this pillow with great results!! Includes hypoallergenic, super-soft jersey knit pillow cover.

Designed to comfortably wrap around the entire body, the U-shaped pillow supports the head, neck, shoulders, hips and knees. The flexible body pillow supports comfortable sleep and supports back, neck and knee while seated. Soft, poly fiber filling. Hypoallergenic, machine washable cover.

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htmeq Coccyx Cushion

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Large coccyx cutout comforts the tailbone and relieves pressure.
Generous center oval cutout provides relief for sensitive areas for both males and females.
Tapered, wedge design encourages proper sitting posture. 

-Stability bridge helps maintain the shape of the cushion and prevents ends from spreading apart.
Ergonomically sculpted surface encourages airflow and form fits to the buttocks and under thigh area.
Upscale cover is made of double knit fabric that stretches 2 ways and won’t wrinkle. Cover is machine washable.
Built-in carry handle for portability perfect for auto and office.
Lower in the front to allow legs to fit beneath desks, tables and car steering wheels.


hometown medical equipment leg and knee wedge

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 High quality medical grade foam provides firm support and maintains its shape during the night.
Leg Pillow has two layers of foam – firm support foam and gel-infused memory foam. Patented design properly aligns legs, hips, and spine.

Helps restore natural alignment for a better night’s sleep. Helps with promoting healing and decrease swelling after injury or surgery


hometown medical equipment cpap pillow

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The Contour CPAPMax® Pillow improves their comfort throughout the night while sleeping with a CPAP Mask.
Minimize mask leaks: custom side cutouts improve mask fit and reduce slippage.
Choose the comfort: One pillow – two choices; Ventilated memory foam with cool 3D mesh cover or plush fiberfill for the feel of a traditional pillow.
Control the hose: The 18″ hose tether allows users to move easily throughout the night.
Ergonomically designed: Concave center for the head, crescent cut out on the sides for the shoulder, and facial support for easy breathing and improved positioning.
Adjustable height: Removable layers allow patients to choose from 4 different heights.
High resilient foam core ensures that the pillow maintains its shape for superb mask accommodation and ventilated foam core for coolness.
Comfortable contoured center is ideal for back sleepers, or side sleepers can enjoy the two pressure-free zones which minimize mask shifting.


hometown medical equipment u shaped pillow

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The Pharmedoc U shape body pillow with detachable extension makes for the perfect therapeutic pillow and maternity pillow.

  • Dimensions 53″ x 31″ x 7 inches
  • Includes super soft 100% jersey knit cotton  pillow case, machine washable
  • Our support pillow features a U shape for front and back support
  • Optional -Detachable extension can be used for added support or as a separate pillow
  • Adjustable polyfill supports you wherever you need it
  • U shape body pillow provides support to your back, belly, head, neck, and legs
  • Orthopedic pregnancy pillow for support



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  • Helps resolve your reflux symptoms by supporting and elevating your upper body.
  • It uses gravity to keep acid down and your airways open, by slightly elevating the head, shoulders, and torso -It may be used while sleeping on your side or back.

The spine in a neutral position supports good posture. There are various aids used like pillows, rolls, and cushions to provide supportive positional relief to multiple areas of the body. Adequate positioning during daily activities, at rest, and while sleeping are part of the human body’s well-being.