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Respironics Urgent Voluntary Recall for CPAP & Bi-PAP Devices..

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Frequently Asked Questions


Do I need to get a prescription from my doctor/provider before I place my order?

No, but we need to have a copy of your prescription on file prior to your order being shipped. If you have a prescription, you can scan and e-mail to If not, a Hometown Medical Equipment Customer Care Specialist will help you reach out to your healthcare provider during the order verification process.

How soon should I expect my order to arrive from Hometown Medical Equipment?

Customers will receive their order requests within 2-5 business days after placing order via USPS priority mail.

What if I need this equipment, but I do not have a prescription?

Contact Hometown Medical Equipment, and we will assist you in obtaining a prescription from your healthcare provider for your equipment needs. Call us at (706) 507-2222.

How do I measure for the pelvic support strut system?

Please review the sizing guide at

Can I rent equipment by the day or week? Does it have to be returned?

We bill most insurance plans for rental equipment on a
month-to-month basis. For some retail rentals  we can  bill for
shorter increments. There is also some equipment that rents for 12-13
months and then converts to a purchase ( ie: CPAP, Hosptial Grade
Breast Pumps, Wheelchairs,etc.). Most rentals must be returned, with
the exception or personal care items.

How do I stop my supplies?

Click on the Contact Us tab at the top of the website, and complete the Get In Touch Message. You will receive an email
confirmation your supply request has been completed.

Do my breast pump come with monthly supplies?

Some insurers do and others may not cover breast pump supplies. We recommend you check coverage with your insurance company.

How soon can I order my breast pump?

 Most insurers allow distribution of breast pump in the 3rd trimester, around  27-28 weeks pregnant or later.

Can I upgrade my breast pump?

Yes, with an extra fee for deluxe items.

What is the best contact for the update status of an order?

Send an email thru our contact us link, email us at, or phone us at 706-507-2222.

Why is an authorization needed for my medical equipment?

Many commercial insurers require authorizations prior to providing certain durable medical equipment to ensure the insurer will cover the expenses or claim. We make every attempt to obtain this information, but your assistance may be required. If an authorization is not obtained, the unpaid expense becomes the responsibility of the customer. 

Can I use a Health Spending Account or Flexible Spending Account (card) for my medical equipment, upgrade fees, or copays?

Yes. Most spending accounts have some type of debit/credit card with a VISA/MC logo with instructions.